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1. ngRim Pyogo Mushrooms are grown in Mojae-village, Chilryang-myeon, Gangjin-gun. They have an excellent smell and taste.

2. ces are made of ChungRim Pyogo Mushrooms, and are supported by the Korea Food Development Committee, and are used with many marine products (tangle, anchovy, shrimp, etc)

In the making of soup, the “Tea Pack” is suggested.

3. ancient Greece, Pyogo mushrooms were called “The Food of the Gods”. In China, they were called “Eternal Youth Food”. Pyogo mushrooms are a low-calory, high protein, natural food containing vitamins, minerals, and food cellulose. Eating them helps prevent high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Eating them also helps remove bad blood and phlegm and helps to increase vigor.


- Address 

- Processing Factory : Dongseog-ri, Gangjin-eup, Gangjin-kun, South Jeolla Province

- Pyogo Mushroom : Mojae village, Chilryang-myeon, Gangjin-gun, South Jeolla Province

- CEO : Ahn, Jung-kyun (TEL 061-433-6826, FAX 061-433-9876)

- Output : 40 Tons

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