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- Growing District : Hadang, Jakcheon-myeon, Gangjin-gun, South Jeolla Province
- Growing Size : 14 farmhouses, 2.6 ha
- Output : 1,557
- Producing Group : Jakcheon Floriculture Group
- CEO : Kim, Ok-hyun
- Phone : (061) 432 - 6575

Celadon Village Chrysanthemum

- The Chrysanthemum is a hardy and perennial plant, grown at a temperature of
  15 ~ 20 °C. Its root resists in 10 °C below zero. The flower condition depends on
  the duration of sunshine, nutrition conditions, and ground water.
- From July to December, Chrysanthemums bloom. In June, it is called
  "Elecampane". In July, August and September, it is called Chrysanthemum.
  In October and December, Juguk. After December, we call it Dongguk.


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