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- Main District : Danwal-ri, Chilryang-myeon, Gangjin-gun
- Size : 19.4 ha (57 farmhouses)
- Growing Item : Cardinal (54%), and 21 other kinds of roses
- Growing Group :
- Ttangshim Agricultural Association (CEO : Kim, Sung-hyun), (061) 433 - 7690
- Hanwool Flower Agricultural Association (CEO : Yun, Duk-young), (061) 433 - 8686

Celadon Village Rose

- ChilRyang-myeon is located to the southeast, which has sea winds, long days
  of sunshine and, good soil so that the flower is fresh.
- Gangjin grows 23 kinds of roses, to meet any client's expectation.
- Organic fertilizers are used and the roses are grown in natural areas.
  The flowers are exported to Japan and the U.S.
- All flowers are delivered in refrigerated vehicle so that the flowers' is brought as
  fresh as possible to the client

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