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Gorinchem is located in the central part where three states meet. Since it is surrounded by many rivers, it was made into a central city of trading with other old cities.

While it had good luck and prosperity due to such rivers, it also experienced several misfortunes.

To protect a city, a village structure was changed into a fortress in the late 13th century. In the 16th century, Gorinchem built a fortress wall and substituted another fortress for it.

The fortress wall consisted of 11 fortresses. It still bears its marks.

Gorinchem is a city of culture with excitement and warmness.

■ Location : South Holland, the west of Netherlands

■ Population : 34,000(government employees: 350, a fiscal scale: 70 billion won)

■ Area : 21㎢

■ Symbol :

■ web site : www.gorinchem.nl

■ Local features: A tactically fortified city, excellent housing and employment environment, and a city of trade and commerce

* A triangle zone of strategy:
Linkage of Gorinchem, Wawurideuccem, Rubeoseutain, and Poreuteuburyeom.
This road reproduces serenity, space, water and history. You can see and feel its 600-year old history. Take a look by bike or ship or on foot.
Principal industry: Shipbuilding, synthetic industry, lumber, food, steel

■ Principal industry : Shipbuilding, synthetic industry, lumber, food, steel
    - Industrial structure: Primary 5%, secondary 45%, tertiary 40%

■ Other situation

    - Industrial structure:
       Primary 5%, secondary 45%, tertiary 40% Other situation

    - Educational institution:

       Preschool 10, elementary school 19, middle school 5, high school 1

    - Culture & leisure :
       Rijksmuseum, Hamel's birthplace & street, a municipal art theater, Meowedeu-river
    - Main facilities: ringeu-port, dalleumporeuteu etc.

     - It was a strategic point to defend Netherlands. Old city.

■ Gorinchem Council

    - Number of council members: 23(a vote of a political party)
    - Some 50 parties are registered, but 23 council members belong to six parties.
    - A mayor is appointed by a queen out of more than one person recommended by a majority party
      of the City Council.
    - A mayor becomes the Chairman of the City Council.

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