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Goryeo Celadon and Gangjin

The aesthetic beauty of Goryeo Celadon, which was appreciated by Chinese scholars as one of the world's treasures, is distinguished from other types of porcelain by its translucent jade-green color and delicate shapes.

The mystical combination of soil, water, atmosphere, fire, and the secret of the glazing method create the unique and incomparable masterpieces of Goryeo Celadon. It presents a jade-green color which is transparent yet mysterious, said to represent the transcendent coolness of Zen meditation. Korean ceramics have been reputed to possess the world's best elegance of color, shape and design ever since the 12th century.

When a white-clay piece is baked with a green glaze mixed with a light blue glaze, it will assume the distinctive sea-greenish shade of Goryeo celadon. In an aristocratic Buddhist society, this pottery was only used by the governing and priestly classes, not common people.

Celadon was manufactured in China since about the 3rd~6th centuries, and in Yongun Village, Daegu District, Gangjin County of Korea from around 900 CE because of its geographic proximity to China via Cheonghae Port of Gangjin. Celadon was manufactured at the Jungsu Temple during the 500-year-long Goryeo Dynasty.

Among the National Treasures and other designated-treasure pieces of celadon, 80% were manufactured in Gangjin, including the most valuable celadon in the World. There are now 188 extant kilns for ceramic firing in Gangjin. The reason that celadon production thrived in Gangjin is that the region has a wonderful natural environment, fine clay, and the perfect climate for a celadon-producing district.


Gangjin has been the cradle of celadon production since the 500-year long Koryo Dynasty. In order to inform the public about the history and origin of this art form, Gangjin has hosted the Celadon festival since the first festival was held in 1996. 9. 15 กซ 9. 17(3days). We have strived to make it a unique festival which illuminates the cultural heritage of celadon and exhibit the beauty of celadon.


The Gangjin Celadon Culture Festival has been selected as one of the main cultural festivals of Korea (Ministry of Culture & Tourism) for 5 years in row since the second festival(1997) to the 6th festival(2001). The Gangjin Celadon Culture Festival Was selected as the best culture tour in 2002 by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism as it reflected the globalization of Korean culture with the most traditional of subjects.

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