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* Aphananthe Aspera Plant in Daegu-myeon

▶ Appointment No. Natural Monument No. 35
▶ Appointment Date Dec 3, 1962
▶ Location 51 Sadang-ri, Daegu-myeon GangJin

This tree grew wild around the Celadon porcelain site in Dangsan about 500 years ago. It has 87- centimeter high roots, and 16 meter high main branches.

The root is 8.16 meters wide and mostly rotten, while its branches spread 13.4 meters around. It has been said that the tree was held as sacred and worshipped by people util 10 years ago. This, however, is no longer the case. Every July 7 is the day for discussing the care of the tree. There is an old story concerning a woodcutter who died suddenly after cutting the tree.

* Torrega Grandis Fortune in ByungYeong-myeon

▶ Appointment No. Natural Monument No. 39
▶ Appointment Date Dec. 3, 1962
▶ Location 326 SamIn-ri, ByungYeoong-myeon, GangJin

This tree is 400 years old, 10 meters tall, and 5.2 meters wide. It is planted on a steep hill and surrounded by bamboo trees.

King TaeJong decreed ByungYeong as a strategic place for the army and cut down all the trees, except for this one, because it was too bent and small to use. For 500 years` of Chosun history, until the closing of the ByungYeong base camp during the DongHak Peasant`s Movement, the tree has been allowed to survive due to its fruit.

* Camellia Forest in Temple Baeckryeon

▶ Appointment No. Natural Monument No. 151
▶ Appointment Date Dec. 3, 1962
▶ Size 3,900 pyung
▶ Location San 44 ManDeuk-ri, DoAm-myeon, GangJin

In front of Baekryeon Temple, there is a camellia forest which grows wild. Here there can be found 1500 camellia trees on 1.3 ha of land. Among the many herbal plants, hangdunggol can be found.

Baekryeon Temple is at the foot of Mt. ManDeuk, about 4 km from GangJin-eup, where the monk WonYo led the Baekryeon Association Movement. Through the camellia forest, a path which leads towards Tasan Thatched Cottage, was said to be used for Dasan Chong`s many strolls.

* Evergreen Forest on Black Island

▶ Appointment No. Natural Monument No. 172
▶ Appointment Date Jan. 13, 1966
▶ Size 4,380 pyeong, Black Island
▶ Location San 191 MaRyang-ri, MaRyang-myeon, GangJin

Black island is 200 meters from MaRyang inlet and is good for walking during an ebb tide. Many Machilus thunbergii Sieb.et Zucc, make it seem as though it is a huback tree forest, and there are many fallen leaves. On the seashore, many sea plants are also found.

* Byungyoung Ginkgo

▶ Appointment No. Natural monument No.385
▶ Appointment Date Dec. 31, 1997
▶ Size 2,825㎡(855pyung)
▶ Period 5∼600 years old(Estimated)
▶ Location 70 Sungdong-ri, Byungyoung-myun,Gangjin

The ginkgo is located in Byungyoung-myun, which is far from Gangjin-ub to the northeast. There was the public office of Dogang in Koryo and the barracks in Chosun(King Taejong 17- 1417) in Byoungyoung-myun. The ginkgo is about 500 m away from this location.

The ginkgo is in the middle of Dongsung village and is a tree with symbolic importance. Its size is height 30m, width 6.75m, the width of crown is 16.5m from center toward the East, 13m toward the West, 10.9m toward the south and 3.5m toward the North. The Ginkgo biloba is a larch, which came from China and has a long life. The Ginkgo,which can be found in Iseo-myun, Hwasoon, Jeonnam, was appointed as a natural monument. It is estimated to be around 500 years old by the size of tree and the history of this town.

According to legend, one day, there was a big rainstorm in Summer. Several branches of the tree were broken off by the rainstorm. A soldier heard the news and ordered to make furniture with those branches. After that, one soldier, who slept with the pillow, which is made of one of Ginkgo branches grew ill, but there was no explanation.

At last, a witch declared that he was sick because of the pillow. Therefore, she advised that him to hold a ceremony for that Ginkgo and to post that pillow on the three. He followed her advice and he got better soon.

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