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* Celadon craftsman

▶ Accredited Masters Lee Yong-Hee
▶ Designation date  2004. 2 .13 

He was born and raised in Sadang-ri, Daegu-myeon, Gangjin-gun, which is the Mecca of Goryeo celadon production. He is a craftsman who trained himself in atmosphere of traditional and historical ceramic ware production and reproduced Goryeo celadon skill. Since 1964 he has participated in the preservation of the kiln site for the celadon production. He participated in the reproduction project of Goryeo celadon by the direction of Cho Gi-jung in 1977. Since then he contributed to raise the reputation of Goryeo celadon as a research & development director in Gangjin celadon reproduction institute. He also recognized by winning prizes from many art competitions, nurtured many talents, developed celadon raw material for celadon and researched the characteristics of glaze for celadon.

Gangjin is in charge of nurturing the regional culture and tour industry by operating the Celadon Reproduction Institute (Government pottery), and the director, Lee Yong-hee, has the ability for the production of celadon by specialization as a conductor as well as personal talents.

* Pottery craftsman

▶Craft holder: Jeong Yun?seok (Jeollanam?do Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 37)
▶Designated on Sept. 20, 2004.

Bonghwang?ri, Chillyang?myeon, Gangjin?gun is well?known for traditional pottery.

Jeong Yun?seok was born there and learned pottery from childhood.? He is the only one who holds mastery of traditional Bonghwang Pottery.

He is a stubborn craftsman, who makes pottery by only using traditional tools and Panttgi technique that prevailed only in Jeonnam.

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