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The escape of Hamel and his mates and the results of interrogation were reported to Nojung(ÒÇñé) and he ordered to ask this incident to Joseon.

Joseon was informed through a dialogue between Kim Geun-haeng and Cha Wae-wa that Japan would ask for the escape of Hamel and his mates.

Whether the prior leakage of this information was intentional, it was sure that Japan intended to avoid causing trouble by informing of their escape when a Joseon official entered Japan in advance.

Joseon was very surprised at learning about Hamel and his mates escape to Japan. Their escape was not even reported by the local authorities where they resided.

Joseon did not know of their escape at all until it was reported to them from Japan.

According to ¡ºSeungjeongwon Ilgi¡», October in the 7th year of King Hyeonjong, Sinmijo, Bibyeonsa was shocked that local authorities did not report about the escape. And so the king was advised to get at the truth of the escape.
Jang Yeong became the vice-governor of Jeolla-do on April 20, 1666, was dismissed for the escape of Hamel and his mates.

On the other hand, Jeong Se-hyeong was the governor in Suncheon, but the escape occurred the next day after he became the governor. Thus, King Hyeonjong judged that he could not be accused of the escape and he was unpunished(¡ºHeonjong Sillok, December, the 7th year of King Hyeonjong, Gimjijo).

But, King Hyeonjong ordered to punish government official holding office during August and September for not reporting the escape of Hamel and his mates.

As a result, the governor in Suncheon was punished for failure in reporting the escape.
In case of Namon, there was no escapee and so no one was punished.

Public officials in areas where escapees resided except Namwon were all punished.
In this way, Hamel and his mates' escape-related matters were finished in Joseon.

However, important diplomatic matters still remained between Joseon and Japan.

This escape was treated with a good-neighbor policy to Japan. But Joseon broke its promise of reporting doubtable ship in response to Japan's no Christian policy of 1644.

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