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After dealing with the escape of two people of Hamel and his mates by giving a bribe, Joseon spent much time discussing their treatment. If such incident happened again, Joseon could be cornered.

According to¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡», some high-ranking officials proposed to give a weapon to each person and have them fight so as to avoid earning people's grievance that the king killed foreigners.

At that time, Inpyeong Daegun had to pass by the house of Hamel and his mates when going to the Court. One day, he went past there and Hamel and his mates implored him to spare their lives. Although some strongly argued about their punishment, they could keep their existence with his advice.

However, because the incidence of escape could happen again, they had to be exiled to Jeolla-do.

Early March in 1656
, they left from Seoul for Jeolla-do. They said good-bye to Park Yeon (Weltevree) and it was their last time to meet each other.
Hamel and his mates went down the road they used when going up to Seoul through Jeolla Byeongyeong via Yeongam. Originally 36 persons, one of them died in Yeongam on their way to Seoul and two died in prison after attempt to escape. They now totaled 33.

Why did they annoy Joseon?

It was because they raised the disturbance of escape, that may causean international issue in Joseon-Ching relations. Furthermore, Japan asked Joseon to send to Japanese office information when unknown foreign ships are sighted. This was Japan's action in preventing and prohibiting entry of Christianity in 1644.

To eliminate such problems, Joseon exiled Hamel and his mates to Jeolla-do to hide their existence.

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