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Western foreigners such as Park Yeon (Weltevree), Hamel, and his mates were attached to Hullyeondogam to contribute to the development of weapon.

Above all, Park Yeon (Weltevree) made Hongipo.

Although, transferring Western foreigners shipwrecked in the land of Joseon to Seoul was done on the humanitarian grounds, the Joseon government has another purpose.

Joseon lain in ruin without a chance to heal from its scars because of Japanese invasion in 1592 and 1597 and the revolt of Lee Gwal. Furthermore, Jurchen of the north sprung up and invaded Joseon twice. In the 17th century Joseon was turned upside down.

Following King Injo, King Hyojong became a king and promoted to conquer the North so as to blot out the disgrace of the late king and the Court. It was one of the very important foreign policies.

With the reinforcement of the expedition to conquer the north, the improvement of weapon was the most urgent business and it was necessary to introduce advance Western technology.

Hullyeondogam originally focused on producing firearms needed for war as well as training and practice firing. In order to develop weapons and for new technology to be introduced, Joseon attached Western foreigners to Hullyeondogam.

As Park Yeon (Weltevree) took part in developing Hongipo, did Hamel and his mates participate in developing Western weapon?

Many researchers argue that Hamel and his mates would involve in developing Western weapon in Joseon in the 17th century.

However, there is no evidence that Hamel and his mates took part in developing rifles in Hullyeondogam. Moreover, they were exiled in Jeolla-do when rifles were made in July 1656.

According to¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡», they were separated from Park Yeon(Weltevree) in the riverside of Hangang and left for Jeolla-do in early February in 1656.

It means that there was no chance for Hamel and his mates to make rifles in respect of period or the Court's treatment of them.

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