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Hamel and his mates started from Jeju-do early June in 1654.
Old Moksa Lee Won-jin had a great influence on their transfer to Seoul.

Lee Won-jin treated them with kindness and friendship after the time of their shipwreck. However, soon he finished his term of office, became Useungji, and went up to Seoul.

After moving a new government office, he was greatly interested in helping Hamel and his mates.

Eventually, a problem of Hamel and his mates was addressed on Feb. 24, 1654, seven months after the shipwreck.
With the decision of their transfer to Seoul, Hamel left Jeju-do one early June and arrived to land in late afternoon. After staying in a ship, he traveled by land the next morning.

He arrived in Haenam (Heijnam in the original text) the next day and could meet other mates taking other ships.

The next day, they started again and arrived in Yeongam (Ieham in the original text). Poulus Janse Cool died of a wound injury he suffered at the time of the shipwreck. Hamel and his mates totaled 36. The dead was buried under his mates' worship and the rest started and arrived in Naju (Naedjoo in the original text).

The next day, they started in the morning and stayed in Jangseong(Sangsiangh in the original text). The next morning, they went to Jeongeup(Tiongop in the original text) via Imansanseong (Jipamsansiang in the original text) and reached Taein(Teijn) in the original text) the following day.

The next morning, they rode horses and arrived in Geumgu(Kumge in the original text) in the afternoon. After having lunch, they started and arrived in Jeonju(Cheontio in the original text) at night. Hamel wrote that Jeonju was the old capital of ancient kingdom,but became the central city of Jeolla-do(Thiellado in the original text).

The next day, they left Jeonju and arrived in Yeosan(Jeasan in the original text) in the evening. Hamel wrote that Yeosan was the last city of Jeolla-do.
The next morning, theymoved horseback and stopped at Eunjin(Gunjin in the original text) in Chungcheong-do(Tiongsiangdo). The next day, they stayed in Yeonsan(Jensaen in the original text).

The following day, they arrived in Gongju(Congtio in the original text) where the office of Chungcheong Gamsa lain.

The next day, they went across a big river and arrived in Gyeonggi-do(Senggado in the original text). Again, they went across another big river, Hangang River and finally arrived in Seoul several days after.

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