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Hamel and his mates were surprised at the fact that another Dutch, Park Yeon(Weltevree) was shipwrecked in Joseon in 1627 and came Jeju-do from Seoul to interpret.

They might be moved to meet a compatriot in a faraway foreign land, but Park Yeon(Weltevree) might be overwhelmed with seeing compatriots 27 years after the shipwreck of 1627.

and ¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡»wrote their meeting in detail. Look at the record of ¡ºHyojong Sill¡», ¡ºHyojong Silok¡».

- ¡ºHyojong Sillok¡», August in the 4th year of King Hyojong, Mujinjo

According to Jeju Moksa Lee Won-jin, a strange ship was broken in the south of Jeju-do and drifted ashore. He sent Daejeong-hyeongam Gwon Geuk-jo and Pangwan Noh Jeong to inquire about them.

They only could confirm that a ship was overturned and 38 were survivors. They did not know where they came from. They had difficulty of communication becausethey spoke different language.

Things carried in a shipwrecked ship were mostly medical stuff or buckskin: elecampane (94 bracts), borneol (4 jars), and buckskin (27,000).

The shipwrecked people had blue eyes, high noses, gold hair, and short beards. Some had only mustaches without whiskers. They wore long clothes touching a thigh. The lower ends of clothes branched off into four. Collars and sleeves were connected with string and pants were pleated like a skirt.

We had a person speaking Japanese ask, 'Are you Christian in the West?'. They answered 'Yaya'. They called our country Corea; this land, Ojildo; China, Daemyeong or Daebang; the northwest, Daldan; and due east, Japan or Nangasackij. They wanted to go to Nangasackij.

The Court ordered them to go up to Seoul.

Because Dutch Park Yeon(Weltevree) agreed that they were "Dutch", they entered Hullyeondogam and most of them were good at dealing with firearms. Some played the bamboo flute or some danced, shaking their feet.

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