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At the crack of dawn on Aug. 16, 1653, only 36 survivors out of 64 reached the coast of Daeyasu in Jeju-do.

On Aug. 16 around noon, they were found by Jeju people and at dusk, about 100 people closely kept watch of them.

On Aug. 18,
some 1,000 or 2,000 soldiers were stationed around them and some of them were examined by the commander of the Joseon side.

However, it was difficult to exchange information or communicate and the Joseon side failed to know the reason of the shipwreck.

On Aug. 19, Joseon people brought goods loaded on the Sperwer on the land to dry in the sun and were busy burning wood with metal.

At that time, Lee Won-jin was Moksa(governor), Noh Jeong was Pangwan(judge), and Gwon Geuk-jung was Hyeongam(head) of Daejeong-hyeon. Noh Jeong and Gwon Geuk-jung oversaw the scene. According to Hamel's report, Hamel and his mates found wine in a crack in a rock and gave it to two officials. They were very satisfied and showed a friendly feeling.

On Aug. 20, as previous day, burning wood was in progress. At the moment, gunpowder in wood exploded and working soldiers were frightened away. Hamel and his mates motioned them not to do it again, and the soldiers felt easy and continued to work.

On Aug. 21, Joseon commanders called some of Hamel and his mates and ordered to seal off their things in a tent. Before very long, several people who were detected in stealing Hamel and his mates' things were arrested. Joseon commander ordered punishment before Hamel and his mates. Some of them were struck on the soles of their feet and their toes got disjointed.
Around noon, Hamel and his mates got order to depart. People who could ride a horse received horses and the wounded were carried on litters. Toward evening, they arrived at Daejeong and stayed there. Hamel wrote down that he traveled about four miles.

On Aug. 22, in the morning, theyrode horses again and had breakfast in front of a fortress where two warships anchored. In the afternoon, they arrived at Jeju-mok and were examined before Moksa (governor) Lee Won-jin in a Jeju-mok office (present Gwandeokjeong). But, as before, they could not communicate. But, Lee Won-jin seeded to understand Hamel and his mates' words, "Iapan Nangasackij (Japan Nagasaki)". After interrogation, they stayed at a house where king'(Gwanghaegun)s uncle was exiled.

According to¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡», on Aug. 22, they started early in the morning and had breakfast in front of one fortress.

This fortress is Myeongwoljin(fortress). It stands within distance to the extent that if starting Daejeong-hyeon early in the morning, one can have breakfast. According to¡¸Myeongwoljojeom¡¹of¡ºTamlasullyeokdo¡», there was an harbor accommodation in this fortress. From this, we may judge that Hamel and his mates used a way of Daejeong-hyeon¡æMyeongwolseong¡æJeju-mok when moving to Jeju-mok.

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