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Joseon went to ruin by Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 (Imjinwaeran) and in 1597 (Jeongyujaeran) provoked by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (ù¥ãíâ³ÑÎ).
Hamel and his mates boarding the Sperwer were shipwrecked in Jeju-do on their way to Japan between Aug. 15 and 16, 1653 because of heavy seas.

Which part of Jeju-do they were shipwrecked?

Many of the researchers could only guess the exact place of the shipwreck, typical theories includes
¨çaround the Hamel Monument, ¨èJungmun Beach, ¨éangjeong Beach, ¨êDaeyasu, and
¨ëChina Although the Hamel Monument was built on Yongmeori Beach in Jeju-do, it does not mean that Hamel and his mates were shipwrecked there.

Recently, many researchers have come to an agreement of "the shipwreck of Daeyasu" on the basis of ¡¸Seoyang Gukpyoingi¡¹ contained ¡ºJiyeongrok¡».

". . . . . . A ship carrying 64 persons was broken around Daeyasu at Chagwijinha in Daejang-hyeon. . . . . . "

Then, where was Daeyasu?

Many have argued somewhere around the place from the southern coast to the river of "Gosaemine" that forms the boundary between South Jeju and North Jeju. It agrees with the 13. 5 km between Daeyasu and Daejang-hyeon in ¡ºNamsarok¡».

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