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Although Netherlands sent many expeditionary parties to Joseon since 1610 with deep concern and purpose of having trade with Joseon, it failed to realize results.

However, when Hamel and his mates got shipwrecked in Jeju-do in 1653 and then escaping to Japan in 1666 and returning to their country in 1668, again, the idea of Joseon with plenty of gold and silver was again heightened at VOC.

¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡»mentioned the trade of Joseon as well as the details of their shipwreck. It served as a stimulus forVOC to build the Corea to use only for trade with Joseon.

However, the Corea never made a voyage to Joseon. What were the reasons?

Since Joseon was badly off and VOC had to continue its relationswith Japan, VOC judged that maintaining relations with Japan was more reasonable than some profits made in trade with Joseon.

Finally, in 1671, VOC gave up trade with Joseon. According to the letter by VOC to Batavia, if it continued its attempt to have trade with Joseon, China's obstruction and Japan's jealousy would be expected. VOC could not help giving up trade with Joseon so as not to lose a chance to trade with Japan.

For this reason, the Corea left Netherlands and arrived in Batavia on April 2, 1670, but did not go to Joseon. On Nov. 15, 1679, the Coera was scraped in Batavia.

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