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1. Overview of the project

- Location: 70 Seongdong ri, Byeongyeong - myeon, Gangjin - gun (around a gingko tree, Natural Monument No. 385
- Contents: A Hamel exhibition hall(1), Hangolmok(1.2km), a folk village(1), a floricultural complex(1), a youth training center(1)
- Period: 2003~2007 (five years)

2. Objectives

Hamel is the author of the famous book or memoir called The Jounal of Hendrick Hamel'.  He was the first to introduce Korea to the Western world.  He lived his interned life in Gangjin for 7 years.

Gangjin bears the marks of the Western culture Hamel and his mate left. On Oct. 3, 1998 Gorinchem of Netherlands and Gangjin set up a sisterhood city relationship.  Both continue in actively promoting cultural exchanges to increase mutual friendship.

Gangjin - gun aims to use Hamel's place as an arena of historical exchange between the Orient and the West.  It will serve as a distinctive place of history to compare and experience the living conditions and culture of both Korea and Netherlands.  It shall be promoted as a world tourist attraction by developing and restoring Jeolla Byeongyeong Fortress, Historical Spot No. 397.

3. Plan of the project

Establishment of Dutch (Hamel) Folk Exhibition Hall (2003~2006)

- Dutch Pavilion(Hamel)
- Hamel Exhibition Hall, Experience of Hamel's Shipwreck, Souvenir Shop
- To exhibit 'The Journal of Hendrick Hamel' and information, materials, and models related to Hamel and his mate's life.

To develop Dutch Village (After 2006)

- To develop Hangolmok(a comb-pattern stonewall of 1.2km) and a traditional folk village

- To reproduce a Dutch village with windmills
- To build a clogs workshop
- To develop a floricultural complex and a green land
- To develop youth training facilities

Details of plan

- 2005 Hamel Exhibition Hall : 1

- 2006~ Hangolmok : 1.2km
  • A folk village : 1
  • A floricultural complex : 1
  • A youth training center: 1

4. Proceedings

Dec. 2002: Secured working expenses.

April 2003: Approved by Jeollanam?do.

2003: Building Dutch (Hamel) Folk Exhibition Hall and an order for an exhibition design was placed.

- Scale of construction: Floor area 300 pyeong/Two stories above
- Exhibition area: 250 pyeong

Feb. 4, 2004: The Cultural Heritage Administration visited the site to approve the change of the site around cultural heritage(Approval was submitted in Nov. 2003).

2004: Purchase of land: 4.098 pyeong

5. A birds'- eye view

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