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Hamel and his mates, who were shipwrecked in Jeju-do by unexpected heavy seas lived in Joseon for 13 years and 28 days in the 17th century.

Jeju - Haenam - Yeongam - Naju/Jangseong/Jeongeup/Taein - Geumgu/Jeonju/Yeosan - Eunjin/Yeonsan/Gongju - Seoul - Gangjin - Yeosu/Namwon/Suncheon

At dawn of Aug. 16, 1653, Hamel and his mates were shipwrecked on the coast of Daeyasu, Jeju and they were found on Aug. 18. They resided in Jeju until they were transferred to Seoul.

Late in May, 1654, the king ordered them to transfer to Seoul.
10 days later when a fair wind blew, they went to the mainland by ship.
They first arrived in Haenam and finally arrived in Seoul via Yeongam, Naju, Jangseong, Ipam Sanseong, Jeongeup, Taein, Geumgu, Jeonju, Yeosan, Eunjin, Yeonsan, and Gongju.

In March 1655, when they became the Royal Guards of the King Hyojong and worked in Hullyeondogam, Hendrik Janse and Hendrik Janse Bos raised a disturbance by asking petition to the envoy of the Ching China.
With this as a turning point, they were transferred to Gangjin early in March, 1656 and exiled for 7 years.

Late in February, 1663, since food was not enough because of continued famine brought about by the drought, they were separated into Yeosu (12 persons), Suncheon (5 persons), and Namwon (5 persons).
Sept. 4, 1666, some of them succeeded in the escape, went to Nagasaki, and returned to Batavia a year later.

Hamel and his mates were absent from home for 13 years and 28 months. There experience in Joseon was recorded in ¡ºThe Journal of Hendrick Hamel¡» and contributed to introducing an unknown land 'Corea' to the whole Europe.

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