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It was the port where Hamel set sail by a trading vessel as an employee of VOC on Nov. 6, 1650.
Hamel leaving Texel, Netherlands and arrived in Batavia, that was the largest position of VOC and an advanced base of the Orient trading, in July 4, 1651.
It is located in Noord-Hoollanse Waddeneliland.
Website: www.texel.nl
Hamel and his mates left Batavia on June 18, 1653 and arrived in Taiwan on July 16, 1653.
Their purpose was to take Cornelis Ceasar, a new Governor-general to succeed Nicolas Werberg finishing up his 3-year term of office.
The Governor-general of Taiwan and a council ordered them to go to Japan and Hamel and his mates left for Japan on July 30.
At that time, Taiwan was called Fomosa which means "a beautiful island" in Portuguese since Portuguese had visited in 1590.
Netherlands drove out Spain and established supremacy.
There was a base of VOC in Taiwan at the time of Hamel.
The area of present Taiwan is 36,179 and population is 22,569,000(as of 2003).
Website: www.gio.gov.tw
Dutch people went into Java in the late 16th century and gave attention to its good location. They named Java Batavia and used it as the largest point of the East Indies for the colonial power of Netherlands.
VOC established in 1602 received thesole right of trading and voyage in Asia from the Dutch government. It had a right to conclude a treaty with several Asian countries, to build castles, to organize the army, and to appoint a civil official. In other words, VOC was an agency of state authority in politics, economy, and military.
In the 17~18th century at the zenith of its prosperity, it operated more than 1,500 ships and established its branch in 30 countries in Asia with its base on Batavia as the largest trading and vessel company in the world.
Hamel and his mates, residing in Joseon for 13 years and escaping from Yeosu, was detained in Nagasaki for one year and went to Batavia on Oct, 22, 1667.
Hamel remained in Batavia alone and returned to his home with other mates staying behind in Joseon on July 20, 1670.
Batavia refers to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Its area is 577 and population is 9,165,000(as of 1995). It became independent from Netherlands in 1950.
Website: www.jakarta.go.id
The Sperwer left Taiwan for Japan and faced heavy and rough seas. After a storm for four days, they found Jeju-do and dropped the anchor. At the moment of turning a ship, the ship was wrecked on a rock. It happened at dawn of Aug. 16, 1653.
They were shipwrecked on the coast of Daeyasu, present Sindo-ri in Namjeju-gun, and 28 died and only 36 survived.
At that time, the Jeju Governor, Lee Won-jin sympathized with them and supplied them with food. He also tried to send them to Nagasaki or Seoul.
A new governor as successor of Lee Won-jin exercised control over Hamel and his mates with regards to their freedom and food.
They stayed there for 1 year and 9 months until they were sent to Seoul in March 1656.
  On the 7th year of their life in Gangjin, Joseon suffered from drought causing famine. Their food was in short supply, they were separated into Namwon, Suncheon, and Yeosu early in March, 1663.
Their life was a mixed feelings of joy and sorrow with the changes of governors. Governor Lee Do-bin winning the confidence of local people was friendly to them.
In 1665, they could get a small ship to obtain foodstuffs and go around islands to examine the possibility of escape.
Finally, they paid double the price to buy a ship and eight (8) people residing in Yeosu succeeded escape on Sept. 4, 1666.
Hamel and his mates escaping from Yeosu were arrested in Goto, Japan on Sept. 8, 1666 and transferred to Nagasaki.
There was Deshima, a window of trading with Europe, in Nagasaki.
Deshima was an artificial island with an area of 15. 395 that was established as part of the national isolation policy of the Edo age of Japan. The length of outer wall was 564m.
The VOC branch was in Deshima.
Hamel and his mates were transferred to Deshima, welcomed by branch employees, and received Dutch clothing. Although they wanted to return to their home as soon as possible, the negotiation on the remaining people in Joseon was continued between Joseon and Japan and they had to wait for one year more. On Oct. 22, 1667, they could went to Batavia by the Spriup.
The area of Nagasaki is 43. 7 and population is 438,600(as of 2000).
Website: www.pref.nagasaki.jp

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